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This writer has had cause in the past to plead with our politicians cum leaders to be careful with what comes out of their mouths by way of speeches, especially when speaking extempore, not only because as leaders they should set a standard for those coming behind them; but more importantly, because words have inherent powers and they react on us all at a future time according to their kind, good or ill. Words once spoken cannot be retrieved, which is why we should carefully weigh our words before uttering them. Our ability to speak is itself a gift of the Almighty Creator that we should use only in accordance with His Will which envisions only what is good. We should sow good seeds with our words and thoughts so that they may similarly yield us good fruits at harvest time, in future, rather than otherwise.

Once released with our mouths words like our ‘unseen’ thoughts fly into the ethereal environment where they attract their homogenous types, similar kinds grouping together, growing bigger and bigger as they develop until they reach the level of maturity ( similar to a ripe fruit) when they fall back on us. Their maturity may take months, years or decades depending on the particular kind. And so it is that these hovering forms in the universe influence people, especially those of us with similar (hidden or apparent) tendencies to so act in physical visible deed.

Cursing our fellow men and women appears to be a pastime of the masses, the average Nigerian. Therefore, we should not be surprised if sooner or later, our communities, country is turned into a hellish place more or less. As we make our bed, so we shall lie on it. If an average Nigerian indulges in this despicable act, it is more depressing when a governor or a leader also cultivates it. For, the number one citizen of a state, a leader at whatever level, is a very influential figure whom many look up to rightly or wrongly, as a role model. By behaving thus, a governor is directly and indirectly inviting those that admire him as his followers to do the same because as a leader, he sets the standard for others to emulate.

Is it true that the governor of Rivers state said to another person, “Thunder fire you”? So, the Rivers chief executive would be ‘happy’ to see a fellow human being as he was struck dead by thunder? Here is what he reportedly said, “…I am not a 419 governor…I challenge the one that was talking last night (a South-south governor) to invite people to come and commission projects… a very poor state (Cross River) will be giving budget of over N1 trillion when Rivers cannot give a budget of N400 billion…who are you, who are you deceiving? Don’t worry, we will meet very soon. Thunder fire you”! Clearly, the Rivers helmsman proceeded from abusing to cursing, crossing the red line.

In another development, the governor said of another, a former governor now a minister: “It is unfortunate, I read what the former governor of Akwa Ibom state, Senator Akpabio, said…he had the temerity to ask South-south governors what they are doing with 13 percent derivation. Akpabio should not talk to Rivers state at all. He has no such authority. He is not qualified to talk to Rivers state. If he wants to talk he should concentrate in Akwa Ibom state or else we teach him a lesson here. Akpabio should know that enough is enough. If he should talk here, I will teach him a lesson”. This is of course, Mr. Governor. ‘Teach him a lesson’? Your thought in this is that you wish to harm him in one way or the other. And the question is, to what end, for what purpose, to what profit? Our thoughts or thinking work in the same way described above as spoken words, namely, that they rise up into the firmament, attract and are attracted by similar kinds, the two broad types being evil and good thoughts. These continue to grow and develop until they mature and then fall back to us, greatly influencing our actions.

As it is, our ethereal firmament is suffused with thoughts and words of hatred, murder and kindred types while words/thoughts of kindness, love and the like are scanty. Thence our world is filled with such despicable actions as dissensions, murders, etc., etc, of multifarious dimensions. We all have a responsibility to change this state of affairs by paying careful attention to our thoughts and words. You could say that our leaders bear a greater responsibility for, to whom much is given much is also expected. We should all endeavour to adhere to the admonition, ‘Keep the heart of your thoughts pure, by doing so you will know peace and be happy’.

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