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The family issues between the former minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode and his former wife, Precious is taking an new turn publicly as his former body guard, Bako Maina threw caution into the winds, opening can of warms about the family.

Bako said he was being dragged into the family issue unnecessarily. ” I’ve tried my best to stay off this issue and protect the image of the family and household of my former boss, FFK but now that I’m being dragged into events I know nothing about, I just have to speak up”.

Bako Maina’s video of confessions

“Precious Chikwendu, FFK’s former wife, is a woman that tried on several occasions to seduce me after I caught her using a dildo and even offered me one million naira to blackmail FFK. This is a woman that we busted at a brothel in Abuja with a Naval Officer by the name of Navy Captain Idenyi Akpa fully naked. Idenyi’s father is Major General Patrick Akpa (rtd) of the Nigerian Army. This is a woman that was planning to use that Naval Officer and his friends to kill her husband and boasted to us that they would kill him when they were caught”. Bako Maina alleges.

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Bako alleges that Precious was working with the Punch Newspaper to black mail and destroy his hard earned reputation.

“I have to come out with all this and respond but I cannot sit by and allow Precious and her fellow conspirators at Punch to destroy me.” Bako said on his facebook wall.

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