As the Governorship election is approaching in our dearest state, I want to appeal to Ekiti Youths to be more careful in electing a leader who will lead us for the next four years.

They should desist from romancing any politicans or political parties who wish to monetize the process against their conscience.

They should learn from the past how the former government and outgoing administration trade with our destiny by deceiving us with their unreliable and non-existing jobs.

I will advise them to consider any candidate who have agenda for the Youths “a candidate who is a Youths developer” and youth at heart himself.

Youths should take out time to dig deep into the life and past of any politicans or candidate who presents himself to be elected.

This digging-deep activity will betray how such candidate has previously used his personal or collective resources and his position of office to develop the institution of the youths and other social class in the state.

Rather, the major empowerment that can be traced to many politicians in the past are: Cutlass empowement, T-shirt empowerment, Dry gin empowerment, N500 campaign rally empowerment, the list are many. Unfortunately, many of these brigands called candidates and leaders empowers their children, family and business associates with good school abroad, good and juicy positions, international connections, big contracts and the likes.

This time around, it is good for us to look beyond frivolities, familiarity, favoritism, and gangsterism. We need to come together and present someone who have the key and solution, someone we can look up to, someone we can approach, someone we can reach 24/7 either at the government house or anywhere

We need a bridge between the old and the young and someone who can feel the pains the common man is feeling.

Such a candidate must be a leader who is young with fresh brain and not a brain drain, we need a stakeholder who has local and international economy orientation to resuce the state from the mess we have found ourselves.

Someone who will not entirely depend on the national cake before he pays workers. Ekiti needs a fresh blood in the system.

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We can’t be doing the same thing the same way and expect a different result, Ekiti has been ruled by same set of political class with same political ideology that has not bring us any fruit for past years.

This is the time to wake to the reality that if we continue to vote in vision less leaders, we shall continually live in obscurity among the comity of states in Nigeria.

I humbly present to you the only candidate that can bridge the gap, with adequate quality of The bridge builder KAYODE ADARAMODU

This man has the CV that is speaking for him among many others.

The time is now!!!

Let us join forces together.

Oluwamuyiwa Oluwadare Adesina (MDA), youths advocate, writes from Ado Ekiti