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VP Osinbajo: Why Charity Must Begin At Home, By Olabisi Deji-Folutile


Only wailers would doubt this administration’s love for Nigerians, especially the poor among them. Both President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have shown in their words and actions that they have a special passion for the poor in Nigeria.

That is probably the reason why in spite of the unprecedented suicide cases recorded in the last five years of this administration; the number of job losses (Nigeria Bureau of Statistics says 3.3 million people lost their jobs in nine months); and acute poverty in the land, the President is still an acclaimed fighter for the poor.

Some people might be genuinely concerned about a fight that has kept the poor poorer, pushing them to the brink of untimely deaths, but the President and the VP seem to know better. After all, even if Nigerians don’t know anything, they should be convinced that President Buhari so loved the poor that he sent his own children to the best schools in the world so that they would not be products of the rotten public school system in the country.

We should also know that President Buhari as a lover of the poor shall never entrust the wellbeing of his family to the hands of Nigeria’s medical personnel no matter how good they are, hence his decision to fly his son to Germany despite the N1bn voted for Aso Rock clinic. Only poor Nigerians are destined to suffer from high infant mortality, which the World Health Organisation says Nigeria has one of the highest rates in the world with every child in five dying before their fifth birthday.

While poor Nigerians may rely on their legs to move around, the president has access to nine presidential jets, after all he needs them to reach the world in a jiffy to work for his poor friends. President Buhari is fighting for the poor so much that in Aso Villa where he lives, he is not permitted to use the same eating utensils for more than one year. Hundreds of millions go into replacing his plates and cutlery yearly, while his friends eat from leaves. The budget for his dogs’ food can feed majority of his poor friends for a year, not to talk of the budget for his own family food. Both him and his vice president got N145 million budget for foodstuffs and catering materials in 2019. This is different from the N44million they both got for refreshment and meal. Aso Rock got a separate N137 million for the same purpose. But their poor friends beg for food, with many of them dying of hunger every day. Only wailers will fail to comprehend this kind of love of the father bestowed on his poor children.

And like the President, Vice President Osinbajo has done more than enough to prove his love for the poor. This is partly evident in the tasks he chose to perform to bail them out of poverty. We can still remember how the VP came down from his exalted position to distribute largesse to the market women in the name of tradermoni ahead of the 2019 general elections. TraderMoni is a collateral-free loan of N10, 000 to petty traders, repayable within a period of six months.


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