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Rape Allegation: Between Bisola, Pastor Biodun And Social Media Jurists, TonyeBarcanista


I have been following the alleged rape incident between Mrs Bisola Dakolo, the wife of musician Timi Dakolo, and Pastor Biodun, the Senior Pastor at COZA, where Mrs Dakolo alleged that Pastor Biodun had multiple canal knowledge of her without her consent as a then 17 years old teenager, an incident that allegedly happened some 20 years ago.

I have watched the pronouncements of some social media jurists and popular figures, including some politicians, musicians, influencers and actors, with most pronouncing judgement against the accused (Pastor Biodun) and a few others “standing with the accused”.

May I add my voice to this subject…

  1. Does Being An Alleged Philanderer Makes One A Rapist?

A couple of people, including Mr Timi Dakolo, the husband of Bisola, have accused Pastor Biodun to be a man that engage in inappropriate relationship with several female members of his COZA church, while that remains an unproven allegation, some commentators pronounced the pastor as “guilty” of rape because of his too many “womanising scandals”, while some others narrated his philandering days in Ilorin, Kwara state, where he allegedly had multiple romps with several ladies of loosed virtues. While the allegations/testimony may be true, half truth or completely untrue, it still does not help the allegation of Mrs Bisola.

Rape is non-consented sexual relations and it is a criminal offence. Having multiple sexual partners is not a crime under the law irrespective of moral or spiritual opinion.

  1. Bisola Dakolo Herself Was Accused of Having Sexual Relations With COZA Clerics

On May 30, a certain female with Instagram handle @elenapipper informed Mr Timi Dakolo that his own wife, Bisola, who incidentally is the accused of Pastor Biodun, was involved in illicit sexual relationship with Pastors of COZA church and some of her choir colleagues. While the claim of Elena remains an allegation, I believe that “2+2” should be put together by social media jurists if their intent is to give social media justice. I am yet to see the response of Timi and Bisola to that allegation and in all honesty, I expect the Dakolos to sue Elena for defamation/libel so as to prove their innocence- just like several social media jurists have challenged Pastor Biodun to do.

  1. The Media Is Not The Appropriate Place To Lodge Criminal Complaint

I have said it umpteenth time that the media, be it traditional media or social media, is not a police station to lodge criminal complaints. The traditional media is interested in selling papers while the social media is highly interested in cashing out on trending issues. Popular faces and celebrities are interested in jumping on trending issues so as to stay relevant while influencers are interested in swaying perception. Majority of these commentators and social media jurists aren’t interested in vindicating the innocent and to bring the real guilty party to JUSTICE. I heard of a planned protest at COZA Church by some so-called CSOs, but that again is just to sway public opinion and not necessarily see to that JUSTICE is done.

However, the appropriate thing for Bisola Dakolo to do is to first go to the Police station nearest to her, report the case, get her witnesses and other evidence, assist the Police in their investigation and ensure that the accused is charged appropriately to establish his innocence or guilt and get justice, which can only be dispensed by the court.

  1. My Position On The Rape Allegation By Bisola Against Pastor Biodun

Rape is a crime against humanity and a robbery of ones dignity, it is a serious crime that should be treated as an offence worse than armed robbery- because the victim is robbed mentally, emotionally and psychologically.

However, rape accusation is one that should be properly lodged at the Police station and investigated by the appropriate police officer, and if found to be true, the perpetrator be punished. But if otherwise, the accuser be punished. As such, I neither agree with the accuser (Bisola) nor the accused (Pastor Biodun) just yet, but proper investigation be done.

Convulsively, we should allow wisdom be our guide in making judgement! May justice be done!

TonyeBarcanista can be reached via gmail at TonyeBarcanista@gmail.com


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