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Policy expert and a frontline aspirant in the 2022 Ekiti gubernatorial election, Kayode Adaramodu has said nothing will stop the People Democractic Party (PDP) from regaining power in the coming election.

According to him the current ruling party in the state, All Progressive Congress (APC ) has lost tremendous goodwill both from within and without. In his view, the people of the state are already showing clear willingness to get the party out of power in 2022.

Speaking with journalists in his home town Ilawe yesterday,  Adaramodu said the state was better managed by the PDP; stressing the presence of most strong grassroots politicians in the state in the party.

The politician was received at Ilawe, his home town yesterday when he also met the members of his campaign teams across the state.

Adaramodu said though his party, PDP made genuine mistakes and had learnt useful lessons but opnies that the APC both at the national and state levels are rapidly loosing their survival strategy built on propaganda and pretence to superiority.

What Ekiti State needs for economic development, according to him, is a purposeful leadership that is driven by clear vision and fit-for-purpose initiatives, which he promised to offer if given the chance to lead the State from next year.

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