Babafemi Ojudu, a presidential aide and stakeholder in Ekiti state politics has been speaking on what the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC in the state need to do if the party hopes to retain power come 2022.

It would be recalled that INEC has slated June 18th, 2022 for the governorship election in Ekiti state.

But Babafemi Ojudu said the party in the state is factionalized and the lack of a unified leader could deprive the party of victory.

Ojudu said he decided to sacrifice his governorship ambition and maintain neutrality ahead of the poll to afford him the opportunity to mediate and resolve all contending issues for the party to be victorious especially after the January 22, 2022 primaries.

Speaking in Ado-Ekiti, the state capital on Monday while interacting with members of the APC and kinsmen, who paid him a visit at his residence in the spirit of the season, Ojudu said the current happenings within the party in the build-up to the election portends a serious danger for the ruling party.

He added that part of the problems of Ekiti APC was the fact that the party lacks a leader who could be a unifying factor, saying time has come for people to volunteer on how to fill the vacancy in the interest of the party.

“We don’t have a leader in Ekiti APC and this is really affecting us. The governor, who ought to play that role is partisan. Let me use my neutrality to be able to effect some changes,” he said.

” What we are seeing today in Ekiti APC portrays a very bad omen for our party, but we will salvage the situation so that we can rescue whatever that remains for the benefit of all of us.

“I am particularly happy for your love. I am not contesting and despite this, you still stand with me. This shows that we have become one family. I have decided not to contest this election, so that I can assume a leadership position mediating among aspirants.

“There are divisions everywhere. I even learnt a big fight broke out at the governor’s residence yesterday(Sunday) and people were throwing water sachet and shouting ‘ole, ‘ole. No one appears to be in charge of the party.

“My own worries about APC is that, I don’t want the party to be divided and lose the coming election in Ekiti. Someone like me should be able to unite our members after the primary, so that the APC can retain this state.

“I don’t want to be part of the problems, but party of the solution. The party should be able to look up to people like us in time of crisis like this. Let me be sincere with you, my pre-occupation now is not how to be governor, but rescuing APC from losing Ekiti is my concern.

“I was the one leading the battle for Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency in Ekiti in 2015 and we struggled to get Mr. President 25 percent as required by law. So, the issue of unity and how our party should be together is the main target.”

Reacting to the news, Ekiti APC publicity Secretary, Segun Dipe said Ojudu is entitled to his views but maintained the party in Ekiti united.

“No party is as united as APC in Ekiti as at today. Disagreement or dissension is normal in democracy. Even the smaller parties cannot claim total agreement among their members. However, we’ll continue to do our best to foster unity among our members, deploying the internal mechanisms at our disposal. In other words, we’ll continue to organise to the disappointment of the cynics.”