Could Buhari Be Running Nigeria As Jose Mourinho Mismanaged Chelsea FC? By Favour Amako


The mere mention of President Muhammadu Buhari reminds me of a popular football coach, Jose Mourinho, who was some years ago ousted as the team Manager of Chelsea FC.

The stubborn Mourinho was at the club back then in 2005 where he was saddled with massive expectations, won several accolades and eventually played a huge role in the club’s near loss of bearing cum stance among world top football clubs.‎

On his second coming, he lost it way too early, losing the staff and dressing room allegedly because of his exhaustive patterns! It is noteworthy that some Chelsea fans still belive in the magic wand of Chelsea’s supposed saviour despite his ousting. However, the deed has been done and the magic stick has been wielded by the owner of the club, Roman Abrahamovic. That was long time ago!

Considering our very own President, His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari who rode to power on the back of lofty campaign promises and the perceived commitment to purge and rid the system of corrupt elements, he was acclaimed as the best for thing that can happen to Nigeria post 1999.‎‎

Six years after swearing-in, much is left to be heard and seen of the man who many tagged as the messiah of our generation after he couldn’t save his. Many have also lost confidence in him, though like Jose Mourinho, some are still sycophants and die hard fans of President Buhari. Even our very Professor Wole Soyinka may have been advised by his doctors not to talk about President Buhari to avoid losing his sanity.

Jose Mourinho lost a majority of his fans, Buhari is fast losing his as well as many now seem to find some succour in the “Wailing Wailers” club. Although Jose Mourinho enjoyed one year of success, Buhari is yet to enjoy even one day of success since his inception to power. Jose Mourinho used his blame game to cover up his unwise moves, Buhari is also employing the blame game to cover up for his ineptitude.

There’s been a free fall of the Nigerian Naira against the dollar, massive insecurity, banditry, kidnapping, wanton violation of human rights, a steady decline of Nigeria’s image as regards investor confidence with the world seeing us not being hardworking, trustworthy, and accommodating enough but as thieves, rogues and corrupt individuals.

I hereby called on Mr President to heed to the calls of the Nigeria people to salvage the situation. As a President you take the lead while others follows.


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