You Need Bad People, By Evangelist Gabriel Kenneth


No one wants bad people around them, But they are necessity for your next level and step up. The place of this knowledge and truth can not be demean as the Holy scriptures as clearly establish in Isaiah 33 verse 6 ” God keeps your days stable and secure Salvation, wisdom and knowledge in surplus, and best of all, in Zion’s treasure, fear-of-God ” (MSG) also in Hosea 6 verse 3 (MSG) we’re ready to study God, eager for God-knowledge as sure as dawn break, so is his daily arrival. He comes as rain comes, as spring rain refreshing the ground. 

The truth you have been exposed to makes you know that the evil meant for you by bad people will turn out for your good…without the hatred from Joseph brothers in genesis 37,his destiny would have been lost ;without the lies and blackmail from portiphar’s wife, He would have not “SMELLED “the palace without Haman Mordecai would have not been honored. Never be moved by bad people; they must push you to trust God more, pray more, fast more and think more Joshua 1 verse 8b thou shall mediate on it day and night. They push you towards your destiny, trust me, when they are fierce your destiny is close by. The closer you are to your greatness the more fierce they become. BAD PEOPLE ARE STEPPING STONES TO YOUR GREATNESS; Right response to all they do is the key, believe me, bad people can not hurt your destiny and can not stop it either. When dey do there worst,  it becomes raw material for God to do His best. Bad people most times are important to you than your friend (s).Betrayal, scandal  lies, blackmail, allegations, bitterness from bad people will only accelerate your destiny. As for bad people, your continuous success is their greatest punishment.

Never allow them make you one of them, the danger of bad people is that dey can make you become like them or totally bad or believe that there is no good person anywhere; if that happens they have won. Never allow that! Rather let them develop strength and virtue in you make them the reason you are growing in grace, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is EVIL they meant but God turns it for your good and upliftment Genesis 50 verse 21.

Moreover most bad people ends the same way Judas hanged himself; Absalom hanged himself; Hamma was hanged on the same galo he made to hang Mordecai. Being bad is really against your destiny. Bad people are not as bad you think, as bad they’re; they still have benefit, ignore their actions.

 GABRIEL Ken Prince, and Abuja based Evangelist, can be reached via Watsap 08038103413


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