We Will Deliver Membership Drive To Rekindle The Spirit of Christ School Ado – Alumni President Elect, Lawal Kunle Jinadu


Christ’s School was founded in Ado Ekiti, Nigeria as a co-educational secondary school by Archdeacon Henry Dallimore in 1933. Archdeacon Dallimore was at the time Superintendent of Christ Missionary Society (CMS) school administration in Ekiti. Sunday Osanyintuyi engaged the school alumni president elect, Lawal Kunle Jinadu, on his vision, capacity and drive to lead the association.

  1. You were recently elected as the president in an election kinly contested. What are your thoughts?

It was a welcomed development having more people becoming interested in what our alma mater should look like at every point in our lifetime. I must commend all contestants for the quality of conversation during campaigns. Everyone had manifestos that spoke to the burning needs of our association as well as the school, thus enriching the Exco that emerged for the tasks ahead.

  1. Your election was done under strict c19 protocols. Do you think this had any negative effects on the result ?

Certainly not, instead the Covid-19 protocols came as blessings. It helped us conduct an all encompassing election in a truly 21st century style.

3. The work of a president is enormous. How do you want to make out time for delivery?

I agree the tasks ahead of the President, most especially, at this time will be huge. I am currently arranging my time structure to enable me attend to the services required of me. As contained in my manifesto, I retired recently from full-time corporate career and have now taken to agriculture.

  1. What are clear agenda for your administration?

My manifesto spoke to the critical business to attend to in the next few years. The summary really is to deliver, a). Membership drive with the view to rekindle the spirit of Christ’s School across generations; b). Address the decayed infrastructure in the school with the view to bring it up to standard habitation for quality academic pursuit; and c). Carry the expectations of the Alumni into the dealings with the school original owners as we transition into becoming a full-fledge private school.

  1. How do you want to ensure these are done with your team of exco?

Plans are already underway to consolidate all our thoughts as enshrined in individual manifestos. If you read my manifesto, I already provided, as President, the framework that will accommodate the vision of other executive members. The consolidation will ensure we are all speaking to the same agenda. Most importantly, the support of all Alumni is the vital ingredient for the success of the Exco. We therefore implore all of you to open your hands whenever we come knocking.

  1. There seems to be a disconnect between the old students and the current set of the school. If this is true, tell us why and how you want to close this gap?

I believe this question is intended to ask about Alumni being too distant from the school. I am of the opinion that we can do more than we are doing right now. The new Executive will review all the activities possible and design them in ways that can encourage old students to visit the school regularly.

  1. Is Christ school alumni concerned about the dwindling academic values of education in Ekiti ? How can the govt stem the tide?

I will speak only to Christ’s School. Every one of us is concerned about the standard and position of the school at various exams. We will do our best to assist the school and pupils to raise the standards of teaching, tools and encouragement. We will also challenge the pupils with incentives that will generate healthy competitions.

  1. There is a disconnect between the very old alumni and the younger generation, how do you intend bridging this gap?

I think it’s a mix of perceptions and misconceptions. I am sure several of the Alumni are at a loss trying to figure out what this really means. What is clear to me is that there is no generational bias in the thoughts of most members, rather the older Alumni are looking to encourage younger ones and prepare themselves for leadership.

We all witnessed some level of lukewarmness within the Alumni until 2009 when a democratic process was adopted for the election of the Exco. I am confident that there is no real push back against anyone or group. However, we can’t rule out teething issues that are associated with an association of this magnitude. It is therefore my commitment as President to ensure an all inclusive Alumni Association, listening to all sides and addressing all genuine concerns promptly. Take for instance before the election, there was Insinuations of generational bias, I immediately contacted the proponents to allay their fears. We will continue to engage members with such ideas with a view to fully understand their concerns and take practical steps towards building trust among members. I am sure we will close whatever needed to be done.

  1. Leadership is about influence, do you have specific plans on how to influence members of the alumni association?

I will be working to ensure that all programmes of the Exco draws participation from across generations. The Exco will ensure representation at all anniversaries as a way of influencing attendance by many Alumni.


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