TWPF Appoints Secretary General For Nigeria


The World Peoples Forum (TWPF) based in Bangladesh has approved the appointment of Dr.Olumuyiwa Babalola as the Secretary General for Nigeria.

He received his appointment letter copied to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Nigeria and signed the World Chairman of the International Governmental Organization (IGO), Dr.Md. LutfulHaider Shopon, Bangladesh and Prime Minister, the King of Jelsu Kingdom of Kutai Mulawarman state, Indonesia, HRH Prince Dr Ahmad Darwic.

Dr Olumuyiwa said “he dedicates the appointment to Almighty God and to the good citizens of Nigeria both home and abroad.

The International Peace Advocate also said in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory that since TWPF is a Political Talented Institution that cut across the globe, the interest of Nigerians is very paramount and ready to maintain laws and order to make sure peace reigns at all levels. He also emphasized that he will cooperate with INEC and other political stakeholders involved in Nigeria.

The Secretary General also promised that all 36 States in Nigeria will be represented at the World Peoples Forum.


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