To reduce COVID -19 infection risks, Tokyo 2020 Olympics organisers are considering vaccinating all 70,000 Games volunteers.

The CEO, Toshiro Muto said overseas journalists covering the event will have their movements tracked by GPS, as games officials try to reassure a skeptical public that the mega-event can be held safely.

Muto said a plan to offer shots to volunteers helping at venues and the Olympic village was “definitely under discussion”, and could be widened to domestic media and other Japan-based participants.

“In terms of volunteers, especially volunteers who are bound to be near the athletes, we need to treat them as if they’re the same as athletes,” he said.

Japan has seen a smaller Covid-19 outbreak than many countries, but until recently its vaccine roll-out had been relatively slow. Around 3.5 percent of the population are fully vaccinated.

Japanese Olympic athletes have started to receive their jabs in a separate programme, part of an International Olympic Committee deal with Pfizer.

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