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Author: Goltura Babagotus

Book Title: The Worst

Number of Pages” 116

Number of Chapters: 37

Genre: Non-Fiction

Category: Politics

Year of publishing: 2021

The problem began with deceit and making political promises that can’t be fulfilled. The problem started when personalities like Lai Mohammed and the inept government embarked on false propaganda albeit, deceiving the citizens with blatant lies. Lai Mohammed is similar to Squealer and always shaking his mouth. There is no truth that Lai Mohammed wouldn’t deny and paint it as lie and falsehood. On the other hand, Buharists and APC followers chose to believe the lie rather than the truth. The statement to make out of it is that they are brainwashed and blindfolded.

Religion and ethnicity were exalted and magnified. They believed that Buhari would make the North like Dubai or America on earth. The greatest evil on earth is that whenever Northern Nigeria is mentioned, and most especially states like Plateau and Benue aren’t considered part of the North. This always presents itself when the national cake is about to be shared in the form of political position and other national chin-chin. Historically, Plateau and Benue are more allied with the Western region in the days of the United Middle Belt Congress (UMBC) and the Action Group. Action group always provide the needed political and legal advice to UMBC

They deceived Nigerians that fuel would be sold at forty-five naira when they are elected but today, they are giving Nigerian excuses. Fuel is sold at one hundred and sixty-two naira. They kept giving excuses anytime the price of fuel is increased. They didn’t repair the petroleum refineries and life is becoming worst. Buhari and APC government deceived Nigerians that one naira would be equivalent to one dollar and talakwa believed him because they are ignorant of the workings of international economics. Today, the naira is about five hundred naira to a dollar but before he took he became president, Naira was just about two hundred naira. Buhari and APC are confused. The increase in the price of commodities is justified by the increase in dollars. The person that sells tomatoes would say that the price of tomatoes is high because the dollar has increased. Naira has been devalued and almost worthless. Buhari and APC are pushing Nigeria to be like Zimbabwe. Inflation is rendering the economy useless and the talakawa are suffering.

The greatest deceit is that spaghetti would be bought at fifty naira but now spaghetti is sold at two hundred and fifty naira but it wasn’t so before he became president in the year 2015.No one ever bought maize for twenty thousand naira except in Buhari and APC led government likewise rice that is now sold at thirty-two thousand naira. The price is endless. To travel from Kaduna to Jos used to be about one thousand five hundred naira but it’s about three thousand naira in Buhari’s regime.

The greatest deceit of all is about fighting corruption. The greatest of all deceit is the appointment of thieves in his cabinet. People like Godswill Akpabio, Chris Ngige, and people whose hands are stained with the looting of public funds are left untouched or not punished. He is guilty of the same crime he accused Goodluck Jonathan. Niger Delta Development Commissioned (NDDC) has been milked and the talakawa are busy supporting Buhari and APC. Think of a fellow like Magu! How comes did he become EFCC boss even when the parliament didn’t approve his appointment. He was left in acting capacity even when the constitution forbade it.

Today, Nigerians can’t stage a protest even when Buhari and APC government have thrown Nigeria and Nigerians in misery and poverty. They are beaten and told not to cry. Those who protest are arrested. We are happy that we have gotten the Jihad we deserve. It’s a great economic Jihad that is biting hard on the people who voted for Buhari. It seems the promises they made are never going to be fulfilled. What happened to Tinubu, Pat Utomi, Pastor Tunde Bakare, Bisi Akande, Mallam, and others? They are silent. They have betrayed the movement. Unlike other countries where blood was shed and people killed, Goodluck Jonathan didn’t go that far. He respected humanity and was known for rule of law. Occupy Nigeria would have transformed Nigeria into a great nation because blood wasn’t shed but the movement was betrayed.

Occupy Nigeria failed because of religious sentiments and ethnic bigotry. Nigeria belongs to Nigerians and to say the North will always produce the presidency is going to be nothing but racist. In the North, if truly they agree with it, why won’t a Christian in the North become the president? If not so, then, there is a religious bigotry present. Lessons learned are that Buhari has failed his kinsmen because the hunger didn’t spare his kinsmen and the people who voted for him. We are all suffering in Nigeria together. Poverty, unemployment isn’t racist and doesn’t choose.

We can’t rely on the movement of unreliable fellow like Sowore who wants to make a name for himself. He was among those that whitewashed Goodluck Jonathan but he wasn’t arrested. He enjoyed his freedom but things took the worst turn when he tried such nonsense during Muhammadu Buhari. The DSS and the police wasted no time in teaching him a lesson. He is fortunate to have come out alive. The truth is that Nigeria can’t rely on such people.

Now the dollar is four hundred and seventy-six naira and during Goodluck Jonathan, it was 180 naira.  While petrol is now one hundred and sixty-two naira while doing Goodluck it was ninety-seven naira.  Food price is now tripled and we dare not protest as we did during GEJ time (Occupy Nigeria). Complain now and go to jail. Nigeria has become the world’s headquarters of poverty. One of the things that those who voted in the name of Buhari and killed in the name of Buhari and religion failed to understand that a snake doesn’t stink one man alone. They have forgotten that a great nation isn’t built on the wheel of ethnicity and religious sentiments. Now that a bag of maize is sold for about twenty thousand naira, a bag of rice for about thirty thousand naira and the price of food has doubled, both those who killed in the name of Buhari are suffering and are regretting. We all buy maize for that price regardless of whether you voted for Buhari or not.  The increase in food prices is borne by all. Those with the worst disappointments are those that killed innocent people so that Buhari would come into power. Those with the worst regret are those that threatened bloodshed if Buhari isn’t voted into power. Where are those that killed innocent people in Kano, Bauchi, Katsina, Sokoto, Zamfara, and Kaduna? We all buy maize, rice, and other food commodities at an exorbitant price.

It wasn’t so in the time of Goodluck Jonathan régime. The animals on the farm thought that with Goodluck gone, the farm would be better. The economy is in new hands with new economic prices, but people now have to work harder with more economic compromise.  Some people are like animals on the farm who believed that by working harder, life would be better. The good news is that we are all in this together. In Kaduna, they welcomed a Muslim- Muslim ticket, hoping for a Jihad but today, the marketers, businessmen, and women in Kaduna state central market are lamenting the draconian rule of the Governor of the state. The tricycles riders are also not left behind. In the name of urban renewal, markets that have served the people for over two decades have been demolished.

Abba Kyari isthe man who emerged from obscurity and held the nation to ransom. In the history of Nigerian politics, no one ever remembers the chief of staff to the president but it was different when Buhari came into power in the year 2015. He was like a god to Nigerians and was so powerful that he was considered to be the “President of Nigeria.” He controlled even the cabinet members of the president. No one could raise the feet without his consent. Then, the worst happened during the coronavirus outbreak. He contracted the virus and this led to the demise. The late Abba Kyari is a book on his own. His death changed the politics of Nigeria and altered the political arithmetic of the year 2023 election. He influenced electoral decisions in Nigerian courts and most especially the Supreme Court. Some Governors wouldn’t have won their case in the Supreme Court if not for the intervention of Abba Kyari.

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is one of the worst and tyrannical state governors that have emerged in the history of Nigerian politics. He has more blood on his hands than any state Governor in Nigeria. Why would he conspire to kill some of its citizens because of the dislike he has for them? He has proven to the people who voted for him that he isn’t after their interest. The people who received the worst blow were the traders most especially people that own shop(s) in some of the markets in Kaduna state and metropolis. Was this what they bargained for? El-Rufai is also ignorant that Kaduna as a city stands on three legs and so, therefore, any reform he wants to make in the name of urban renewal wouldn’t be successful. Kaduna as a city is known to be an administrative, military, and industrial city. It’s so unfortunate that most of the textile industries are non-existent or not operating at maximum capacity. He has also forgotten that Kaduna state isn’t like the federal capital territory. He gained his popularity while as the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory but Kaduna isn’t the same. No one is against development and urbanization but it will be insensitive to compare the Abuja metropolis with Kaduna. Abuja or the Federal Capital Territory is designed as an administrative city, unlike Kaduna that serves as an administrative, military, and industrial city.

Simon Bako Lalongis yet another personality that emerged because of the APC tsunami that swept the country.

There are controversial figures like Ganduje (Gandollar)of Kano state who made a mess of the Kano emirate; a system that is far older than he is. He humiliated Lamido Sanusi, the same man who caused confusion and brought the issue of the petroleum scandal during the regime of Goodluck Jonathan. Ganduje’s disregard for the emirate system is a repetition of history. More than a decade ago, the late father of Lamido Sanusi was dethroned and exiled as the Emir of Kano. Ganduje took the same step. What a humiliation. In advanced countries, Ganduje ought to be in jail. Perhaps, it serves the people of Kno right. The underage voters should have queued and voted him out of office during the election.

Yahaya Bello of Kogi state is like King Rehoboam who is ignorant of leadership skills and principles. Rather than make life easy for the people, the people of Kogi state except for those eating from the crumbs of the political cake were groaning because of the tyranny of a young leader. He made life miserable. Leaders can impoverish the people so that they will have the room to manipulate and control the will of the people.

Bola Tinubu is yet another worst personality and an enemy of democracy. The bullion van man should have hidden amidst the crime against democracy but justifies his action. It shows a sign of an undemocratic man. He has succeeded in pocketing Lagos and Lagosians in his pocket. His drive for becoming the President of Nigeria signifies that Nigeria would be dragged deeper into poverty and the worst state than tyranny compared to Buhari.

Adams Oshiomhole belongs to another group of people who justify election and godfatherism. A man who rose to power as a man of the people but betrayed the people’s trust. Why would he open up APC to thieves so they could be forgiven?

A proverb in Hausa says, “there is no wicked King except wicked advisers.” This could best explain Muhammadu Buhari and those surrounding him. This clearly shows that his advisers are callous and insensible. Giving him good advice would have reminded him that he kicked against fuel subsidy in the year 2012 and 2014 but what happens that Buhari and APC are no embracing what they denounced when Goodluck Jonathan was the President of Nigeria? It clearly shows a lack of ideology and the betrayal of trust. The cabinet and advisers surrounding Buhari are heartless and unintelligent because they failed to give out reliable advice to the President so that Nigeria would be on the path of progress.

The Fulani militia must be opposed at all costs. Nigerians must cease to be cowards and take arms against the invaders. This is the only way of survival lest the nation is further plunged into a worse state. Relying on Muhammadu Buhari is a death sentence to every Nigerian. This is the worst government in the history of Nigeria and APC, the worst political party in the history of mankind and civilization.

This is a one-chance government, kalu-kalu government, failed government, deceitful government, wayo government, and a failed government. No doubt, Muhammadu Buhari and some APC Governors have a hand in the banditry, pillaging by Fulani herdsmen and kidnppers. The greatest threat isn’t from the agitators of Biafra or Oduduwa republic but from the Fulani herdsmen and bandits in Northern Nigeria killing innocent citizens and taking the Northern Nigeria backward.

Some of the chapters in the book are  the year 2015 and the beginning of povery, cluless Buhari and APC, hunger,poverty and misery, are we betrayed, worst stealing and looting, voters and kilers in the name of Buhari worst stealing, a nation without ideology, genesis, worst corruption, controversial personalities, bbnaija or revolution,

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