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The Government of Niger Republic has arrested soldiers who spear-headed an attempted coup earlier on Wednesday, March 31.

Although details of the arrest as given by France 24 are still sketchy, BBC Pidgin reports that the coup attempt was led by a captain in the nation’s armed forces.

The government of Niger has arrested persons suspected to have been behind the attempted coup.

Earlier, what could have turned out to be a successful coup plot in Niger Republic was thwarted by gallant Soldiers after gunshots were heard near the Presidential palace at Niamey on Wednesday, March 31.

The development is triggering suspicion that a coup plot is about to unfold just days to the inauguration of the President-elect, Mohamed Bazoum.

Although the international media said that calm has returned to the area, it also stated that the United States Embassy in Niamey had warned that it would remain closed due to gunshots.

The embassy, therefore, alerted its officials to stay at their respective homes until further notice.

An international source said about the incident:

“Heavy gunfire was heard for half-an-hour in the Presidential Palace area. The Presidential guard repelled the attack and the situation seems to be back under control.
“With two days to go before the inauguration of the new President, we know that the main challenge facing him is security, but we were thinking more of terrorist attacks, not this kind of action.”

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