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Former Senate President, Bukola Saraki has called for the prosecution of Iniobong Umoren’s killers, following the reports that the young job seeker has been found dead.

In a tweet on Sunday morning on his @bukolasaraki handle, Dr. Saraki commiserated with her family and friends who kept the issue trending for four days while the young woman’s whereabouts were still being investigated.

“I’ve been following the #FindHinyHumoren hashtag closely over the past couple of days and I am extremely devastated that young Ms. Iniobong Umoren, who simply set out to find a job, was raped and murdered.

“At this extremely difficult time, my prayers are with her family and all her friends who kept this topic on the front burner over the last couple of days. I hope the perpetrators of this despicable act are swiftly tried and sentenced,” the former Senate President tweeted.

RecallRecall that the deceased was alleged to have on Thursday, April 29, 2021, went for a “job interview” at an undisclosed location on Airport Road in the outskirts of Uyo.

About two hours later, she reportedly made a frantic phone call where she was heard screaming before the call was abruptly ended. Her phone line has been switched off ever since.

Soon after, social media went viral with her story, which saw the internet being used to unmask her abductor.

24 hours later, Nigerians on social media provided evidence, locations, contacts, and almost everything needed to unmask her kidnapper hoping that the intelligence provided will help find the missing Iniobong Umoren and bring his abductor to justice.

The suspect was alleged to have taken the late Miss Umoren to his house where an argument ensured that he used an object to hit her on the head, resulting in her death. He was alleged to have hurriedly buried her in a shallow grave and ran to Oron to hide.

Following pressure by the Police and Nigerians on social media, Oron became uncomfortable for him and he ran back to Uruan. The Chairman of Uruan LGA, Iniobong Ekpeyong was said to have met the accused Cousin and asked him to bring the accused.

When he was taken before the Chairman, he was asked to be truthful about what transpired. He confessed to his Local Government Chairman that he killed and buried her in a shallow grave. A shocked Ekpeyong had no choice but to call the DPO of Uruan LGA and handed over the suspect to the Police for further investigation and prosecution.

The gruesome murder has led Nigerians to express outrage and demand justice

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