Religion Or Violence, By Adenipekun Seun


Religion, way of serving God Violence, an evil act that destroys, causes havoc, brings about chaos leads to pandemonium  Violence is an act of fighting, warring, and killing that brings about acrimony disturbance and confusion Violence is pernicious and also perilous which is amount to death. Any nation that encourages violent act is devoid of development.

 Religion is surmised to be peace Religionists, don’t embrace violence despise and avoid it.

 The vicars, the Imams, the Pastors, the evangelists, watch over your followers as well as bridling your tongue, charge them, and teach them how they should comport themselves.Don’t hide under the disguise of religion, perpetrating evil and saying you are giving sermon 

You cannot be criticizing and saying, you are preaching You cannot force anyone to practice your religion. Let’s stop shedding innocent blood in the name of religious deeds.

 Enough of killing innocent people for the sake of religious practice.Our land can no longer bear it The land is crying The land is groaning Let’s stop the bad act Its unity we need in our land Stop disturbing the peace of this land. Religion is not violence And violence is not religion God is not violence but peaceGive room for tranquility For the development of our nationProgress can only thrive in an atmosphere devoid of rancor and acrimony  God is watching, looking and recording We shall all be judged according to our deeds.

 Let’s embrace Peace and reject violence in totality Religion is Peace but not Violence


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