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Startups can play very critical role in creating social and ecological transformation economy in Africa and the state of Baden-Wurtternmberg.

According to the organizers, StartUp Afrika , the future of businesses for Africa can only get accomplished through partnerships and collaborative work via networking.

In accomplishing the UN Agenda 2030, empowering StartsUps in Africa need to be on the front burner. To this extent, the state of Baden-Wurtternmberg, Germany is expanding partnerships with counterparts on African continent with Nigeria leading the way.

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Below are some images of the hybrid event held on Tuesday in Lagos where many startups organizations congregated with the organizers providing the needed tips and networking needed for success.

By the close of event by on Thursday, the programme will see over 50 startups and social entrepreneurs pitch their ideas and innovations. Successful startups stand a chance to win and secure seed grant of up to 10,000 Euros.

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