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There comes a time in the life of a Nation when coincised decisions and actions toward achieving a society that works for all is a must. Today, Nigeria State is at a cross road, no leadership direction or figure, a practical state of lawlessness.

This is a call to all young believers in this project called Nigeria to rise up on a rescue mission, we need to make Nigeria work.

We want to commend the #ENDSARS movement for waking the giant in all Nigerians. The movement has succeeded in raising the consciousness of an average citizen. If nothing, Nigerians now remember the power in speaking against bad leadership and governance (Soro Soke mentality).

Nigerians have spoken loud and clear against the evils bedeviling us as a people, it is time for positive actions. Answers to the Nigeria problems may not lie on our streets but with the people we have given our mandates to. The answers may be beyond the protest, after ENDSARS, what next? The Struggle must therefore be re engineered towards exploiting other provisions of our constitution.

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Together, we can initiate a platform for young Nigerians to again legitimately vent their fraustrations with the system. This is a platform to not only protest by speaking but also make conscious efforts towards righting the wrongs in the Nigerian political system. Hitting the reset button as it were.

We observed with disdain that during the peaceful protest across Nigeria State, non of our legislatures representing us at both the State and the National Assemblies identified with the youths of our country. Majority of Nigerians have also identified these elected lawmakers as an integral part of our collective problems. They are either refusing to represent their constituencies or misrepresenting them, they are a fundamental part of the decay in the institutionalized corrupt system.

Therefore, as youths of this great nation, who believes in the oneness of a Nigeria that works for all citizens and willing to correct the abnormally in the system, our legitimate next step in the #EndSARS Protest is to kickstart a process to recall all legislatures in the Nigerian political system.

We must begin to mobilize great Nigerian youths, the Soro Soke generation through our polling units, ward, local government and various constituencies and arm them with the constitutional procedure to effectively recall all the House of Assembly, the House of Representatives and our Almighty Senate members. The beauty of democracy is that power is derived from the PEOPLE, it is time to activate our powers as citizens. Remember, the office of the Citizen is the highest office in the land.

House of representatives

We noted the fact that the Nigerian Youths constitutes over 60% of registered voters in Nigeria and the constitutional requirements of initiating a recall is 50% of registered voters in a constituency. The youth can therefore effect a change of our political predicament by their number and without losing anyone to the firepower of the military or hired political killers.

If we can successfully achieve this processes then we may have succeeded in ensuring that the blood of our heroes of the #LekkiMassacre will not be in vain. We may begin to see young and sincere political leadership emerge.

Posterity will judge us wrong if we fail to condemn in strong terms the dastardly act of looting of private and public properties. When you loot or destroy Public properties, you give those in government fresh reasons to loot our treasury under the guise of renovation. Looting and destroying private properties is simply subjecting fellow Nigerian to further hardship. We are all in these together.

Nigerian senate

We must strive to depoly all constitutional strategies to safeguard Nigeria State and prevent the fifth columnists from disintegrating the only country we can truly call ours. Thus, the need to take the struggle away from violent street protest to a constitutional path

It is our view that through effective and strategic dialogue engagement, the gains of the #EndSARS movement can be preserved.




Prince β€˜Tosin JEGEDE

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