As I consider penning this perspective, one vital quotation that ran spanning my mind comes from Dr Sam Adeyemi, Senior Pastor, Daystar Christian Centre. “Leadership is Influence” – Dr Sam Adeyemi. Often, Adeyemi says leading should occur anywhere and for everyone.

Leadership is making quality and last impacts on your followers. In most cases, selfless leaders lead not because they gain anything from their followers but it has become an innate culture, they cannot live without doing daily. Also, followers give back to the leaders gains from his or her leadership. Hence, it is imperative for a leader to lead well, living foot prints for the coming destinies.

Mayowa Oluyeba has not only found ways to do this, but he leads from the front; providing top notch leadership in the Nigeria broadcast space. Today, many upcoming broadcast entrepreneurs are his mentees, positioning for the future of broadcasting in Nigeria.

Mayowa Oluyeba, popularly known globally as MO, is one voice in the broadcast industry in Nigeria living and leading right. Having cut his teeth early in broadcast world, MO knew straight where his strength lies and he plugged therein fully.

From the humble background in Igede Ekiti, Nigeria, Mayowa is sold into the world of broadcasting. With almost 3 decades broadcast experience, MO has touched almost all aspects of broadcast productions in Nigeria. From creating attention stunning adverts for radio/ Television, MO built successful clients that always embrace his creative works. His creative works speak volumes in the industry.

When we met close to a decade ago, he interviewed me for a role in an organisation he was serving as a media consultant. Give it to him. His professional stance, personality as well as efforts at probing to know my competence for the role. Eventually, I secured the role and since then we have rolled on high professional pedestals.

As a direct supervisor then, one always wants to meet MO as you are bound to leave his presence with immense wisdom, professional additions and self-fulfilment. He leads from the front. He was never a boss but a friend who takes interest in his subordinates’ progress and development.

I remember on some of his international travels, MO donated some professional books for personal development to most of under his tutelage. He ensured we all develop along the chosen line of professional interest we wanted. My most precious book on corporate communications is a gift from MO. After reading, he made it a point of duty to sit with you at lunch to discuss what each chapter entails and to apply them on the job. What a leader he is!

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MO is a through bread personality, an accomplished professional who cares for his followers as much as he ensures his clients are satisfied always.