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In commemoration of the International Workers’ Day 2021, The Chairman of the Lagos Chapter of the Association of Professional Bodies of Nigeria (APBN), Prince Abayomi Ogunjimi, has saluted the doggedness and resilience of professionals in Lagos State all through the years.

Prince Ogunjimi called on all professionals in public and private sectors to remain steadfast and unmovable in the face of the global pandemic and economic challenges.

He admonished professionals to lead the fight against corruption and uphold their professional ethics by carrying out their assignments without fear or favour.

According to him, the war on against corruption can be effective if there is a concerted effort  by professionals in the private and public sectors to ensure that the menace of corruption is clipped in by the wings.

He also called on government officials to lead by example through reducing waste in government, and creating a system for whistle blowers to operate without molestation or threat to life.

“We advise government at all levels to start fighting the corruption from the top to the lowest level,” he said.

“Senior officials of government including political appointees should be made to publicly declare their assets on assumption of office and at the expiration of their tenor. As long as there is no law prohibiting this public declaration, declaration should not be limited to the code of conduct bureau.”

“On our part as an association, we would continue to offer advice to governments at all levels on how to fight corruption.”

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