Kano State Elders Talk Tough On Abduction Of 9 Children


Kano State Elders, under the auspices of Kano Concerned Citizens Initiative, KCCI, has described the abduction and reported forceful conversation to Christianity of nine Kano children by Igbo Kidnappers as “specialised organized crime that manipulates religion to exploit the innocent children”.

Recall that Kano State Police Command has paraded a gang of six Igbo Kidnappers in connection to abduction and selling children in Onitsha, Anambra State.

“This is a very dangerous dimension. We therefore call on all umbrella religious associations of Christians and Muslims to condemn this evil action and take the necessary steps,” the group said in a statement signed by its Chairman, Bashir Tofa.

KCCI recalled that Muslim Leaders widely condemned the case of Inusa Yellow and Ese Oruru, charging them to do the same on on this issue of abduction of nine Kano children, who according to the group, were reportedly abused in the name of converting them to Christianity.

“When one Ese Oruru of Bayelsa State was claimed to have been taken by her lover who converted her to Islam, Muslim Leaders condemned the behavior and took the appropriate steps since the girl was under-aged.

“The press also made several headline stories and commentaries. So we now expect nothing less from them on this issue of abduction of nine children. Who, were abused in the name of converting them to Christianity,” KCCI said

The group added that the children are possibly being taken for other purposes such as slavery, human sacrifice for rituals or use in baby factories.

While commending the Nigeria Police for what it described as ‘patriotic action’, KCCI therefore called on the Command not to relent in its efforts of unearthing the true motives of the abduction.

“Other Kidnappers demand ransom while in this special case the children were abducted for certain purposes, of which the Police investigation is still being awaited.

“Whatever was the purpose of these abductions it is still frightening because of the newspaper reports of the horrendous experiences the children underwent,” the group said.

The group added: “In addition, we call on the Nigerian Police and the Security Agencies to do their utmost to investigate if there are any more of these captive children and adults from other States enslaved anywhere else in the country, not only in Anambra State.

“We call on Kano State Government to liaise with Anambra State Government to find out the nature of these abductions and the better ways of cooperating to end these criminal activities for the overall peaceful co-existence of the citizens of Nigeria.

“This become more imperative if we recall what a former Governor of Anambra State did to some innocent Northerners living in his State until a former Governor of Kano State visited him to resolve the issue,” the Elders added.


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