Not minding the current economic and security challenges confronting the Nation, victory is ahead as most developed nations of the world passed through such in the course of their developments.

Senator representing Lagos East senatorial district at the national assembly, Adetokunbo Abiru said this in his democracy day message on Saturday.

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According to him, “every great nation today at one time or the other have had their moments of turmoil. They overcame because leaders and other fellow country men and women believed in their country.”

“Growing agitations for a breakaway that is threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria should cease in the interest of peace.”

“As witnessed at the public hearings on the amendments of the 1999 Constitution that were concluded recently, the National Assembly is committed to constitutional reforms that will ensure an equitable and fair Nigeria that works for all.” he said

Abiru noted that when we reflect on the tortuous struggles to reclaim the nation from the military jackboot and many of our compatriots that paid the ultimate price for the restoration of civil rule in Nigeria, the democracy day should not pass uncelebrated.

The lawmaker called on all youths across the nation to shun violence noting no nation developed under unrest and insecurity.

“I call on our youth to shun calls for violent agitations that could further worsen the dire strait we are in. Public infrastructure are our collective assets.”

“Jobs and economic opportunities don’t thrive in a chaotic and tense atmosphere.”

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