Is Femi Adesina Under The Strong Influence Of Aso Rock Demons …. Suddenly His Lines Went Dead, By Favour Amako


My phone rang as I was struggling to stand up from my bed this morning. My heart skipped when I saw the caller’s name. He is know for first hand information, because he knows the inner workings of of the government. Last night before I went to bed, the caller had sent me a recorded video of an unnamed APC Leader Leader in Akoko Edo who was caught sneaking into INEC office barely 24 hours to the much anticipated Edo State Governorship Election.  Trust Edo boys, he was beaten black and blue. 

So, when I saw his call this morning, I was a little bit worried? Many questions raced through my mind. Has INEC declared the winner of the Edo Governorship election, even before the voters go the poll? Or has INEC shifted the election?  You know in Nigeria, anything is possible. 

I,  quickly reached out for my phone. In the caller’s usual baritone voice he sounded from the other end: ” Mr Favour, Don’t tell me you are still sleeping by this time of the day. I want to ask you, Is Femi Adesina, under the influence of Aso Rock Demons? ” I was speechless, how does he expect me to answer such kind of question. Am I a spiritual demonic consultant?  As a journalist, we are trained to ask questions not to answer questions, to interview, not to be interviewed, or has the table turned. Before I could say a word, my caller continued, ” Have you read Adesina today’s piece titled, ” Yes, Nigeria is collapsing Forward?” I replied, ” I saw it, but did not read it, but what has that got to do with demons? I asked 

He hesitated: ” I now believe the conspiracy theory put forward by Reuben Abati, about the preponderance of demons within the precincts of Aso villa. Only the Abati demons in Aso Presidential Villa theory could possibly explain the unexplainable transfiguration of Femi Adesina, from one of Nigeria’s finest patriotic soldiers of truth, into something else….”Suddenly, the line went dead. 

Mouth agape, I was like someone who had landed on this planet after a long sojourned in the moon. ” What has Aso Rock Demons got to do with my President Buhari’s Spokesman, Femi Adesina? I know the Presidential Aide to well. But are there really demons in Aso Rock? Crazy thoughts ran through my mind.  

I remember vividly that Reuben Abati once wrote that the spiritual forces in control of Aso Rock, have been obstructing Nigerian Presidents past and present from performing their functions optimally. In an article he wrote and published in the print and online media, Abati gave graphic instances of strange things that happened at the Presidential Villa and which gave credence to his belief that the seat of power was under the influence of demonic and occultic forces that manipulated Presidents and his Aides into taking decisions that made the people wonder.

For me, I don’t believe the Femi Adesina or any other occupants of Aso Rock is under any demonic influence. The seat of government of Nigeria cannot be said to be under the influence of demons. We voted humans, not demons. A lot of people just talk about demons without understanding what demonology means. I don’t believe that the seat of government is demonized. I don’t believe it at all. Yes, there are problems in governance in Nigeria as there are problems everywhere else. That does not mean that the devil is in control. God is in control of Nigeria and will always be in control of the country.

Adesina is defending his paymaster. His job is to launder the image of his boss without minding which ox is gored. His loyalty is to Buhari not to Nigeria. That is why Adesina can attack the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, Obasanjo, others without blinking an eye. He that pays the piper dictates the tune.  When does defending ones boss become synonymous to demonic influence? 

If people in government make mistakes or take wrong decisions, they should just recognise that it is their own inability to perform that should be blamed, and should not be ascribed to demons. I think that when people experience some difficulties and fail to do something well they tend to ascribe such failure to demons. People may have difficulties in going about their duties, and if they are inefficient, they blame demons.

Leaders should bear responsibility for their mistakes and refrain from blaming demons. 


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