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9 Steps To Improve Your PR Writing Skills

In the PR profession, good writing remains one of the basic skills of every successful PR officer must acquire. While it is true that media relations have to...
Online PR

Optimising PR for Mitigating Corporate Information Leakage By Mutiu Yekeen

The 21st-century public relations practice has been revolutionized by digital disruption, requiring extra efforts from the professionals to strategically project corporate organisations to their stakeholders. The time for corporate institutions to practice...

Contemporary Public Relations: The Place of Big Data By Stanley Olisa

Just like every other human enterprise, the field of public relations has continued to evolve, with new technologies, trends, and practices. Some of these inevitable innovations are disruptive, altering the traditional model...
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I remember one of my knowledge-sharing sessions with students of public relations. One of them said something striking but rather debatable: “There is no effective public relations without using the mass media”....

How to be a great PR Professional

This piece was inspired by an article published by Business Insider entitled “Meet the 25 Most Influential PR People Behind the Success of Corporate America”, which is led by Facebook’s VP Communications/Public Policy, Elliot Schrage. Formerly...

How PR pros can break out of a creative rut

The public relations workaday world can seem repetitive and monotonous, but great communicators find ways to reinvent themselves. Here are ideas for reinvigorating your career. Many PR...