Aviation industry all over the world has been badly affected by the Covid19 pandemic. Most countries are yet to lift ban on borders to allow travellers into their countries most especially tourist visitors.

To a large extent, the negative economic effects of this pandemic can not be over emphasized.

Countries all over the world have lost huge amount of money counting in billion of dollars as a result of this unpalatable disruption caused by travel restrictions.

Airline industry as one of the fastest and easiest ways to connect the world is gradually gaining momentum and things are gradually returning back to normal.

There is no doubt that operational procedures of boarding an aircraft from one destination to another have also changed.
These processes and procedures sometimes poss fear and concern in the heart of some uninformed travellers hence this short write up.

Let’s begin with procedures for boarding a local flight within Nigeria. The first step to flying to a particular destination is to buy your flight ticket. This can be done from either buying directly from the airline or through a genuine ticketing agents. After securing your flight ticket, you need to know the particular airport the flight will take off. This is usually written in your flight itinerary/ coupon but most passengers don’t take cognizance of it. For example, we have two major local terminals in Lagos i.e GAT& MM2 for passengers travelling on local flight out of Lagos. Other airports have their peculiarities also. You need to know the terminal your flight will take off.

Also prepare yourself mentally for the flight. Most passengers are nervous these days because of the new normal. Some passengers are not aware that Covid19 test is presently not required for a local flight though some sick passengers may be required to carry out some test before the airline allows them to fly.

You also need to get to the airport at least 1 hour before your flight time. This will allow you ample time to check-in and wait for further information regarding the flight.

It is mandatory for all travellers within and outside the country to wear face masks to the airport. If it is possible go with your hand sanitizer also. Though this is provided at every strategic location within the airport in Nigeria.

Also be informed that an international passport is not mandatory to fly a local flight except you are a foreigner and you do not have any other means of identification. Driver license, voter’s card, company ID, Tax ID, student ID etc are all genuine means of identification as required by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority.

For an international passengers, Covid19 negative test result is a must for you to fly. Some countries will also require you to be fully vaccinated and show the certificate before you can enter their countries. These and many more are concerns that most passengers have when making arrangements for thier international trip. It may also interest you know that government have accredited centers approved by the National Centre for Disease Control where you must do the Covid19 test. You may need to contact NCDC website for more information. You can also call or contact your airline and travel agents for better guide on where to take your tests if you are making plans for international travel.

Covid19 is still much around us. Wearing face masks and keeping regular hygiene will help us to fight this deadly virus.
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