The Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello, said that he has governed the State through one of its most difficult moments.

He said this in a special broadcast to commemorate the State’s 30th anniversary.

Bello listed insecurity as one of the major challenges of the time but said the State has been able to pull through.

He also highlighted the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, saying under him, the State will continue to record progress.

“We fought like wildcats to keep our people safe. Some would say I literally transformed into a White Lion and deployed teeth and fangs to do my sacred duty of protecting Kogi State.”

“In my books we did only what good conscience and the fear of God demanded of us. We were a vulnerable people faced with a deadly dilemma, in fact a sentence of death, but by believing in our divine and physical resources, we refused to go quietly into that darkness.

“In the end our strategies completely deflected the ill-will and doomsday prophecies which were poured like invective on us from many quarters. Most painful however were the many influential Kogites who joined in this grim concert.

“The prophesied negative impact on our society and people made by vested interests did not manifest beyond the generalised economic setback. Even at that, we still managed, albeit very briefly, to overtake the rest of the country in projected flow of foreign direct investment. As of today, and God willing, till this ill wind completely blows over on this planet, Kogi State will continue to post the nation’s most covid-free figures.

“It is therefore vitally important that on this 30th Anniversary we recount these chronicles, not only to document them for posterity but to remind those of us alive now what daunting socio-economic and politico-cultural odds we have overcome on our journey to the future we desire. We have successfully pulled ourselves a long way forward between 27th January, 2015 when I first stepped into this Office, and today which also doubles as the 19th monthly anniversary of my second term.”

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